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Petra takes the time to explain everything clearly. She provides all the information for informed decisions. I love that Petra’s approach is holistic. I felt my babies needs were put first. 

After his CST treatment I genuinely feel he is holding less tension in his body. He used to tense his arms and make fists but is much more open and relaxed now.  I am grateful for the advice & treatments & the caring nature in which they are delivered. I would recommend all new parents consider Craniosacral therapy for their baby.

Thank you so much, you were so helpful. You went through everything in so much detail I felt so comfortable and trusted you with my son. I’m extremely happy with the outcome and very happy with my decision to go ahead and very happy that I chose you to do the procedure.

Petra’s expertise was immediately evident & put me hugely at ease that our child was going to receive the best care.  The Craniosacral therapy clearly relaxed my son, it was very gentle & was a lovely way to finish the session. Petra’s obvious skill and care meant we could feed assured out son was in the best hands. 

Thank you for all your help. We are so glad we decided to do this and we were really impressed with your speedy professional care.

It’s been life changing! Cannot thank you enough. Emily has sung your praises to anyone who will listen. You will always have our gratitude.

She took about two weeks to properly settle but has made brilliant progress since. She’s getting plenty of milk now from mum and is now really satisfied after most feeds.